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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Birth of Running on Ice

For the last seven years I have polluted the internet with my tales of being a misfit runner.  My blog, Chubby Chicks Run Too... has grown a bit stale since I took a little break from running.  No running.  No blog.  One of my goals for 2015 was to get back into writing.   I have been missed writing and floating around the Blogosphere reading and connecting with other bloggers.  I have spent many hours staring at a blank screen hoping to come up with a new idea.  Any idea.

Several months ago, anyone and everyone that I knew started harassing me about an open casting call for a Hockey Mom reality television show.  They said I would be I would be perfect for this roll since my life is all consumed with everything hockey.  After all, I have 3 little rink rats at three different levels, I sit on the board of our association, and I am a budding player myself.  Add to that, I always seem to have a story that is worth a laugh.  As much as I think getting to be "famous" would be fun, I know I would hate seeing myself on TV ( adds 75lbs, right?).  Not to mention, I would not want people seeing how bad my laundry can pile up, how we use hockey bags as furniture, or what I try to pass off for meals (Fruity Pebbles for dinner anyone?).  As much as I would love to have the gumption to do something like that, I could never go through with it even though I loved the idea.  Now I just wait to see what kind of suckers did sign up and I can watch them.
My rink rats

I got the idea to start this new blog several months ago while watching the waves crash into the shore on a beach in  Florida. In my relaxed state, my thoughts drifted to my life back in Minnesota where there is never a dull moment and rarely time to relax.  We are always on the go and always trying to stay on top of everything without falling flat on our faces.  Then it hit me, my life is a lot like running on ice .

Cue the Oprah "Ahh Ha" moment.

Running on Ice.

It had a a nice ring to it and I was determined to make that the title of my new blog.  Running on Ice sums my life up quite perfectly as I work very hard to stay standing.  Most of the time I am a hot mess because I am trying to  juggle being a rock star mom, work full time, and try to make myself a better person while maintaining a thing or two that I like to do.  I am absolutely no Super Mom and would classify myself as one big Pinterest fail.   I thought back to the reality show open casting call and everything all of the sudden made sense....I will be the star of my own show!  I  am claiming this spot on the internet were I cover topics ranging from Allergies to Zambonis.

As far as the fate of Chubby Chicks Run Too.... I can't bring myself over there to officially retire it because it is a lot of years of my life.  So for now, that blog will collect dust and cobwebs.  If you are interested in reading you can do so here .

There you have it....a new blog is born!


  1. Should be a fun ride. Please keep linking to Facebook.

  2. Fantastic! I can hardly wait to read MORE!


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