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Thursday, November 19, 2015

How I Became a Hockey Mom-Part 1

I want to document how I became a hockey mom but first, I am going to do a throw back Thursday post of how our family got introduced hockey.   Actually, I could write an entire book on how we got sucked in and that is why I need to break it up into different parts.   Our family went from climbing the walls and praying for Spring during a long Minnesota winter to those obnoxious people that wonder why March came so fast and took away all the outdoor skating ice. This post will cover how my husband almost divorced me over signing the kids up strongly disagreed with me about letting our kids on the ice.

How it Went Down

On a sunny Autumn day five years ago, I didn't know that afternoon would change the course of our life.  It was a Saturday and I was at my boys' last flag football game of the season.  After the game I was chatting with a friend and she suggested that we attend a hockey open house.  Her children played and she told me how fun it was for the kids.  The open house was a chance to get information about the association's hockey program and to sign up...or as we call it, the brainwashing.

When I brought the idea up to the husband, he was less than thrilled.  He is a numbers nerd and to him hockey was just a bunch of dollar signs.  This was not like him, he is normally pretty laid back and usually is up for anything.  But with this issue, his heels were GLUED to the ground and he was firm that his kids were NOT going to play hockey.  Since we didn't come from hockey families, he thought he was home free.

I dragged him to the arena kicking and screaming while he made snide comments and rolled his eyes. The boys wanted to try it and I wanted them to have the opportunity as well as something to burn off the never ending supply of energy these two had.  He still was not on board.  I gave an ultimatum, either he needs to take me on a very long warm vacation every year to escape the cold or we need to have hockey to get out of the house.  He reluctantly caved  to the idea after he deemed taking a family of 5 on vacation was too expensive.*  He went on to say that he will have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with this sport and it was up to me to get them where they needed to go.  I felt guilty (for a split second)but agreed to his terms and proceeded with the sign up.

*He should have gone the vacation would have been cheaper in the long run.
My mismatch boys in their first season
At first that man was true to his word.  He did not step one foot in the ice arena nor did he help kids get the equipment on.  As time went on, he heard how happy and excited the kids were when they got home.  He started to pop in to watch them skate and mingle with the other parents.  Before long, he was into it and was having a good time.  He even ran the clock a few times.  Fast forward to present times, we are fully invested and have all but changed our home address to the ice arena.    My boys are going on their 6th season and the Diva is on her 5th.

The same guy who said his kids will play hockey over his dead body and would never participate in any hockey activities built a rink in our backyard the following year, is one of the most (cough, cough) "vocal" at games, and was coaching our 8 year daughter over breakfast this morning on how to perfect her wrist shot.  Yep, he is now one of the craziest hockey dads out there.

Stay tuned for Part 2-A Hockey Mom is Born

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