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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Race Medals

We are getting ready to put our house on the market in early 2016.  Our current situation requires us to have a more mobility friendly space (no stairs) and we need a little extra room (3 smelly kids).  We have been in our house for almost 17 years.   I am not even close to being a hoarder, but stuff tends to pile up when you are anywhere for 17 years.  Being on leave has given me the opportunity to do some low impact putzy stuff  like going through drawers and old files of paper.

I came across a box containing my race medals.  My initial thought was to pitch them as they are just sitting in the box of clutter serving no purpose but collecting dust.  I am not sure what made me give these a second glance, but as I picked each one up the memories of my races came flooding back.
I decided to keep them out of the box and even hang them up.

The Stories Behind the Medals

2001-Twin Cities Marathon
This was my first marathon.  I committed to it on a dare from my high school friend.   It was just a few weeks after the horrible attacks of 9/11 and will never forget the Marine that ran in full gear carrying the American Flag.  Aside from getting married and having babies, there are very few moments that can trump crossing the finish line of a marathon for the first time.

2006-Grandma's Marathon
I had a two kids and I was part of a running club.  It was a fun way to train for a race and be held accountable.  Running Grandma's Marathon a major goal of mine as it is a huge event for my hometown. 

2010-Twin Cities Marathon
This was a tough one, I was being chased by the sag wagon (the sweeper bus for people that will not make the cut off).  I remember crying and wanting to quit but I didn't.  I certainly didn't win any speed awards, but I learned when things get tough....dig deeper.

2012-Grandmas Marathon
My high school friend that now resides in Arizona was in town and it was the first Grandma's Marathon we ran together...and by together I mean showed up together. She smoked me and met me at the finish!  It was a fun weekend for our families and a good excuse to get us together.  She was the reason I ran my first marathon.  While we ran, our husbands volunteered at the finish line.  

2013-Grandmas Marathon
It was the first race that I was able to run with someone the entire time.  It was awesome.  I bitched the WHOLE time and my friend Bobbie would not hear it.  She swore at me and got me across the finish line.

2013-Twin Cities-Marathon
It was the first and probably last time I will have run two marathons in one year!  Who knew training could be beneficial???  I had a personal record for time....and I beat Chewbacca.

To some these are just a participation ribbon.  To me, they represent my determination and perseverance to run and complete 26.2 miles.  My times were slow and I was firmly at the back of the back but I still finished.  I took something away from every race.  I learned that I am capable and I am a lot stronger than I think I am. 

I guess I will keep these medals for awhile.  I will keep them out as a reminder of what I have accomplished and what I am capable of doing.  Plus it is a fun way to walk down memory lane.  I will proudly hang them on a special wall in the new house and save some space for some future ones.

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