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Monday, November 16, 2015

So Now What?

I am camped out on my couch recovering from surgery.  I am trying not to be frustrated that recovery is taking longer than anticipated and I hate that my doctor is doing the "I told you so dance" that I would not be back to normal in 2 weeks.   I am just shy of 3 weeks of having my surgery and I am still struggling with post operation issues.  I have no choice but to behave or my downtime will become a lot longer.

I am taking this down time to figure out what I want to do.  It is the perfect time to set some new goals because my other options are watching daytime television or having conversations with the dog and that is not exactly my bag.  I am making my resolutions early this year so when January 1st rolls around, I will already be ahead of the game.

2016 Couch to Marathon Challenge

I am going to run Twin Cities Marathon in 2016.

There I said it.

I know that is a bold statement for someone that gets exhausted walking 3 blocks at a snails pace.  I guarantee this statement was NOT the post surgery narcotics talking.  I miss running and having a big goal to work towards.  (Ask me in July if I feel the same way).

My plan is to complete the race.  I don't care about time (although I would really, REALLY love to break 5 hours!!).  I need the endorphins and the distraction that running gives me.  I am going to be training with 3 of my friends that are also going through major life events.  You know what they say misery loves company running is cheaper than therapy!

I do know what a time commitment training will take but it is time I am reclaiming back for myself.
I have a very calculated plan that has me working up to a 5K and then morphs into a Galloway 30-32 week program.

I do know this is a crazy idea.  But I have done it before and I will do it again.  It is not my first marathon so at least I know what to expect. 

Weight Loss

What kind goal setting doesn't include dropping a few pounds?  I am adding weight loss as a goal because a doctor referred to me as OBESE.  The nerve of that guy, how dare he refer to me as obese!!!  What an asshole!  Too bad it is true.  I have a mirror so it should not have been so shocking to hear that word but I was mortified.  OBESE.  I have more than a few pounds to lose to get me out of this category.

Now that my health issues are getting resolved and the dust is settling with other stuff I can focus on getting these extra pounds off.  I am stress eater.  I don't abuse alcohol or drugs but I plow through a bag of chips in record time. 

I would like to say I have a goal weight that I would like to get to but I don't.  I never achieve my goal weight when I set it at a specific number.  I become fixated on a number on a scale which only tells a little bit my overall health.  I am trying a different approach and I am setting different kinds of goals instead of a number:
  • I want to be lighter to run.  Fat jiggling isn't a great feeling.
  • I want my gut to be smaller than my boobs
  • I want to shop in a normal size store
  • I want to stop saying "No, I am not pregnant, just fat"
  • I want my pants to stop sending my spleen into my throat
  • I want to be able to bend over and tie my skates without breaking a sweat
  • I don't want the work OBESE in my future medical records
How I am going to be NOT Obese?
Eat Clean(er), Eat less, Move more....and avoid potato chips.

This will be an interesting goal starting around the holidays.  Lord help my family.


Tonight my oldest child told me about a television show called "The Worst Cooks in America".  He then went on to tell me I should try to get on it while listing all of my kitchen adventure failures.  He ran very very fast in the other direction after spouting off.  I was not offended, everything he said is true.  The sausage and cheese pancake incident of 2015 will go down as one of the biggest fails of all time.  I may have scared my kid for life with that one.

I will be honest; I hate cooking, planning, shopping, and the cleaning up.  There really isn't much about it that I like except the eating part.  My specialties are concession stand pretzels, Little Caesars Hot and Ready $5 Pizza, and the old fashioned PB&J sammich.  Evidently my children have sophisticated palates and are starting to demand more variety.

I am not in a position to get myself a private chef so it is going to be up to me to turn it around.  Chubby Hubby and I both have dietary needs that are going to require us to eat clean so we have to get on board with this cooking concept.  We should make that little smart ass son of our do all the work. Sort of kidding on that comment but we are going to have the kids help cook so they learn a thing or two.

I am gathering crockpot and freeze ahead meal recipes.  I will share the adventures as I go.  I am going to show that kid a good meal if it kills me!

I have a lot of work to do so I had better get started! Hopefully I only have a couple more days of sitting around.




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