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Monday, November 30, 2015


This past week I went back to work.  It was a good way to ease back into the routine because we only had a 3 day work week.  As much as I loved having the physical and mental break, I was REALLY ready to get back into the routine.  It is one more step closer to being completely back to normal (only 4 more weeks until I can play hockey!).

Since we just celebrated Thanksgiving, I wanted to share a few of the reasons why I am grateful.

My Friends and Family

I have some awesome friends and family. That is a GROSS understatement.  They came to visit, took my children places, brought my family meals (and booze), did all my yard work, send messages and called to check up on me while I was on leave.  I had no idea how much I was loved!

The Brave Friends that Took My Kids Overnight

I woke up this morning to an extremely quiet house.  My children were farmed out to three different families. I am not sure how that played out but I consider it like winning the lottery.  On this quiet morning, I am admiring my Christmas tree watching my favorite Christmas movie "Christmas Vacation" while sipping on some coffee spiked with some homemade Irish Cream.  Life is good.

My Pants

I am thankful that my pants still fit after being home with the 3 pillow cases of Halloween candy. Yes, I did a complete face plant and ate most of it.  You cannot expect a Snickers to be safe when I am home alone with it.  My kids think I threw it away because I found a candy wrapper on the floor.  I blamed them for not throwing it away and their punishment was losing their candy.  I confess, the wrapper was mine.  Don't feel bad for them, they are MUCH smarter than that.  I just found their secret bunker that they set aside because they knew I was home a lone with their stash.

Netflix, HGTV, Hallmark Channel

I once I figured out how to turn on and use the TV (no, it is not as simple as turning the power on) I was entertained.  HGTV had me mesmerized by home transformations and people's budgets that far exceed mine. I got sucked into the Hallmark Channel Christmas movies.  The enchanting titles such as "A Husband for Christmas" was enough to draw me in.  Yes, it is as bad as it sounds but I could not turn it off.

How come no one told me how amazing Netflix is?  Once I figured out how to get that fired up (actually, I call my 13 year old to in to push a bunch of buttons on the TV to get it to come up...did I mention I work in IT and can't run my own television?).  I was able to watch Love Actually three times!


I don't even want to admit how much time I wasted on Facebook over the course of the last month.  I loved catching up with my friends...and commenting on every single post they shared.  I saved a bunch of recipes that friends posted that I am sure I will never cook.  My new  favorite thing to throw away time, was just reading the headline of a news story and just jumping in to read the comments.  I am amused with how fast they turn into a political pissing match.

Boxed Wine

It is 4 bottles in one box! has a tap.  Need I say more????

I have to say life is good!

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