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Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Good Intentions of a Hockey Parent

My friend posted this meme on my Facebook wall.  It is so true!!!  While I have my main Christmas tree up in my living room, I have two Small's ones that have gone undecorated.  In fact, the one that I set up in the basement is in the middle of the room without a single decoration on it.  I wouldn't have put it up but Christmas is at my house this year and we should be somewhat festive.  Perhaps decorating the hockey bags with some lights and tinsel would do the trick.

This weekend I had every intention to get my Christmas on.  I was going to watch Elf, Christmas Vacation, and my all time favorite move, Love Actually while enjoying a hot toddy and addressing cards.  I was going to make some treats with the kids, and I was going to do all my shopping. .  My presents would be wrapped.
...AND I was going to fit all that in while shuffling 3 kids to hockey.  Did I mention we had a tournament as well?

So this is what I ACTUALLY Did:

Home from work at 4:30 and to the rink by 5:00 for a 6;00PM PeeWee Tournament Game
Pregame drinks with the hockey parents because we had an hour to kill before the game
Game (oh and was a good one but we lost!!)
Note:  While I am at this game, Chubby Hubby is in another town for my other son's game.
Home at 8:00PM and ordered pizza
Kids to bed late 10PM
Started addressing cards.  Lost my address book so I am online stalking my friends to get their info.
1:00 gave up but was happy I had some cards done.

Volunteer duties call.
Volunteer laptop dies and spent 2 hours on tech support call.
11AM Drive Diva To Game
Games lasts forever and we are done at 2PM
Haul ass to another rink for another PeeWee game.
Watched some great hockey (we won!)
Gave my kid a high five and sped away to the next rink.
My daughter had practice with her girls team and then a parent social
Snuck a few minutes of shopping in and I am proud to say I got started.*

7:00 am Hockey
10:30 am Hockey
1:00 pm Hockey
3:30 pm Hockey

3 Kids.  1 Day. 4 Rinks.  4 Cities.  2 Very Tired Parents.

As you can probably predict, I didn't come close to getting my list done.  There were no cards.  No gifts wrapped.  No cookies made.  I am not sure why I even try to be a Martha Stewart wannabe this time of year.  I never make cookies or treats any other time of the year.  In fact, I am not sure I know how to use the oven.

Long story short, I need to get Christmas going and I predict some really late nights this week!

*Well, I thought I had a great start but it turns out I only purchased wrapping paper and ribbon.

*please excuse the worse than normal writing, it has been a long weekend!*

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Shaking Things Up

The Shakes

My zipper on my pants busted open yesterday. ..during work.  I spoke too soon about my pants fitting me after a month long binge of Halloween candy.   I knew the Snickers massacre would come back to bite me.  Thankfully I had a long sweater to cover the rip but now I need to do something to stop my pants from cutting off my oxygen supply.

All it took was an unfortunate clothing malfunction to get me motivated.  I brought my bag of Vegan Chocolate Shakeology into the office to enjoy over the noon hour.  While my collegues are enjoying Jimmy Johns or some hot delicious Pho, I am shaking up some delicious powdered ass chocolatey goodness.  I have to be honest, it not as bad as it sounds and actually pretty decent even just mixed with just water.  It is the only shake I can tolerate.  I have not had as much luck with other Vegan type shakes...they do taste like chalky crap.  It is also easy to drink this when I have a whole closet full of clothes are are snug and could potentially have the same fate as my pants if I don't do some shrinking.  Wish me luck.  Wish my collegues luck because they are stuck with me and my liquid lunch.

Elf on the Shelf

December 1st has come and "Buddy" our favorite creeper elf has made his way back into our house. I thought this tradition was adorable and loved seeing people's posts about their elf and the mischief they caused so I started it in our house.
As fun as it is to create an Elf scene, it is tough when they need to be done EVERY NIGHT and are REQUIRED to be G rated.  I am not that creative and I have a dirty mind.  I curse the cutesie, Pinteresty type of person who created this tradition.  I hope that person has had to get up at 3AM in a panic because they forgot to move the damn elf.

I started this tradition and now I have to see it through.  It is hard to hate "Buddy" the Elf when your sweet 8 year old writes him a true heartfelt note.  It is good that she let him know that she can't draw elves and apologized that she made him look fat.  

Stay tuned for Buddies adventures!  

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

December Goals

A new month means new goals!  Just because the holidays are here doesn't mean my quest to get back in shape gets put on just means I will just take some tiny strides.  A girl has got to enjoy all the season has to offer!

Fitness Goals:

  • Work up to walking 3 brisk miles.
  • Return to skating and play in the December 20th Game (depending on how I feel)
  • Go to hot yoga at least one time since I keep paying for it.

Clean Eating Goals:

Let's be real, clean eating around this time of year is tough.  I am going to do my best to not gain any more weight over this holiday season.
  • NO GLUTEN!  I am allergic to wheat and I have been eating whatever I want.  My GI tract is not happy.  It seems like a no brainer to give it up when it causes a reaction but I am not that smart.  Cookies taste so good and I am like a moth to a flame.
  • Pack most of of my lunches. Going out every day is expensive and really bad for the waistline! 

General Goals:

The last few years have been very hectic and some of my favorite traditions have gone to the wayside.  December is an insane month with activities and lots of hockey.  I want to make sure that I get a chance to enjoy my favorite holiday.
  • Christmas cookies with the kids.  Notice I didn't say I would make them?  We most likely will harrass my brother and sister in law to make them for us or take a trip to Costco.
  • Mail Christmas Cards before the end of 2015.  Yeah...they didn't go out last year.

I didn't go goal crazy for December but I am working on my end of the year resolution recap as well as my 2016 plans!  

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