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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Shaking Things Up

The Shakes

My zipper on my pants busted open yesterday. ..during work.  I spoke too soon about my pants fitting me after a month long binge of Halloween candy.   I knew the Snickers massacre would come back to bite me.  Thankfully I had a long sweater to cover the rip but now I need to do something to stop my pants from cutting off my oxygen supply.

All it took was an unfortunate clothing malfunction to get me motivated.  I brought my bag of Vegan Chocolate Shakeology into the office to enjoy over the noon hour.  While my collegues are enjoying Jimmy Johns or some hot delicious Pho, I am shaking up some delicious powdered ass chocolatey goodness.  I have to be honest, it not as bad as it sounds and actually pretty decent even just mixed with just water.  It is the only shake I can tolerate.  I have not had as much luck with other Vegan type shakes...they do taste like chalky crap.  It is also easy to drink this when I have a whole closet full of clothes are are snug and could potentially have the same fate as my pants if I don't do some shrinking.  Wish me luck.  Wish my collegues luck because they are stuck with me and my liquid lunch.

Elf on the Shelf

December 1st has come and "Buddy" our favorite creeper elf has made his way back into our house. I thought this tradition was adorable and loved seeing people's posts about their elf and the mischief they caused so I started it in our house.
As fun as it is to create an Elf scene, it is tough when they need to be done EVERY NIGHT and are REQUIRED to be G rated.  I am not that creative and I have a dirty mind.  I curse the cutesie, Pinteresty type of person who created this tradition.  I hope that person has had to get up at 3AM in a panic because they forgot to move the damn elf.

I started this tradition and now I have to see it through.  It is hard to hate "Buddy" the Elf when your sweet 8 year old writes him a true heartfelt note.  It is good that she let him know that she can't draw elves and apologized that she made him look fat.  

Stay tuned for Buddies adventures!  

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