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Saturday, January 9, 2016

A Look at 2016

I can't start my year off properly until I have stated my intentions for the upcoming year.  I know I probably should have had this posted on New Year's Eve but I think I am doing good posting this in January...after all we are in the thick of hockey season. 

The year 2016 has a theme and it is "Go Big or Go Home".  I mentioned I turned 42 and I am in the sweet spot of my midlife crisis. I have already covered some of my goals in a previous post and  I do realize that my goals are a little on the crazy side but I ask that you just smile and nod.  I am determined to reach these goals.

My 2016 Goal List



I have already covered this, but I am going to run Twin Cities Marathon.  I will be going from the couch to running 26.2 miles.  Sounds sane, right?  Truth is, I miss running.  And because I can't just go out an run a mile or two, I have to make it a marathon.

You may be wondering how an old, overweight gal like myself can accomplish such a lofty goal. 
I have 274 days (but who is counting) to get myself off my ass and transform myself to be able to cross the finish line of a 26.2 mile race.  I have done it before, I can do it again.

Komen 3-Day Walk

I completed the Komen 3-Day Breast Cancer walk in August of 2015. It damned near killed me.   I ended up in the hospital getting a blood transfusion for severe anemia. What do I do?  I sign up for it again.   I didn't realize how sick I was at the time.  It was such an amazing event that I want a second chance to represent my friends and family that are currently battling breast cancer, those who are now survivors, and to everyone that donated.  This event means a lot to me and it is more than just a pink ribbon.


I am just coming back as the season is starting to wind down.  I however,do not plan on slowing down with it at all.  My goal is to get more comfortable on skates, practice stopping rather than taking out 5 people with me, and to perfect my wrist shot (ugh....develop some sort of a wrist shot).  I have never had so much fun that comes with so much exhaustion in my life!  I feel blessed that I have this opportunity to fulfill a dream and play a game I love so much.

Weight Loss and Overall Health

Weight loss and getting my overall health in better shape is another topic I covered a few posts ago so I won't waste my time writing about how I want to shed a few pounds, get fit, and really embrace cooking.  This is on my to do every year and it never gets done.  This year it is medically REQUIRED and our family is in the process of adopting new habits.  Cooking and meal planning is probably the most challenging goal for this year.

Reading and Writing

This year I resolve to read and write a little bit everyday.  This year I bought myself a nifty writing journal with my name on it (do people still actually hand write in journals or am I just that old?).  I have been writing a little bit in it each day and I am finding it a good way to either start or end my day.  I also have a stack of started but not finished books to read.  I have regained about 40 minutes a day during the work week because I now commute by bus.  It is a perfect time to read although it takes a way my bus people watching experience.  I feel like I could write a book on stuff I see on these trips to and from work.  Of course this blog also falls into this category.   I will write as much as I can because I think it keeps me just a little bit shy of crazy and it helps me stay accountable to the goals.

New Home

Did I mention I am going to accomplish all of the above while getting our house ready to sell and searching for a new one?  This is our number one priority and hope to be settled by Spring.  We absolutely need to get into something that can accommodate our family's needs.  I am sure it will be quite the adventure!

Happy New Year

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