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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Playing Hooky

It is Sunday morning and we are being quite rebellious.  We are skipping our 8AM hockey practice, we are skipping church, and we are skipping the pancake breakfast that supports Bloomington Girl's Hockey (since 10 tickets were added to my hockey bill, I will consider the financial donation to be my participation).  Rather than racing out the door this morning, I am having a cup of coffee that I brewed myself and my kids are plopped in front of the TV watching cartoons.

I am rebelling because I have not had a minute of downtime in weeks.  We have no groceries. the house looks like it has been ransacked, and I can't even describe how ridiculous our laundry piles are.  Our family has had back to back weekends of out of town tournaments and multiple things scheduled during the week.  I was gone with the middle child last week for a Squirt tournament in Duluth and Chubby Hubby is currently in Mankato for the Pee Wee tournament.

My weekend flying solo to manage 2 kids schedules went down like this:

5:00 PM Kid 1 gets picked up while I rush out the door with kid 2.  Both kids on the ice at the same time.  I had to find someone to hang with the Diva and get her suited up as goalie because it was her turn in net while I sped across town to grab my middle child from a Squirt game. 
7:00 PM Finish what is left of the Squirt Game then race back to grab the Diva after her practice.  Whoops...forgot to make dinner so we grabbed a burger at
9:30 PM  Very late dinner

 9:00AM  Out the Door with breakfast in hand
10:30 AM Squirt Scrimmage
This team is celebrating one of their first games they won this year.  The smiles were infectious!
1:00 PM 8U Girls Game

 2:10 PM 8U Player Social
 2:30 PM Wolf down lunch at Jimmy Johns
 3:00 PM Diva's outdoor practice for team #2 (Perfect day for outdoor ice!)
 4:30 PM Pizza party with team #2

 6:00 PM A trip to Tria to get x-rays. 

Middle child jumped into a pool last week and hurt his foot.  Clearly I am mother of the year waiting a week to get it checked out.  Nothing broken, nothing sprained.  Yay!!! Someone was VERY happy.f
For the record, if you want really speedy service at the clinic, bring your kids in fresh off the ice.  No one wants that smell lingering very long.   

7:00 PM Return Home.  Showers and bed for all!

Today (Sunday)
10:00 AM Not giving a damn about skipping stuff this morning and chilling out until we have games this afternoon.  I might not get those groceries or the house back in complete order but I will get some sanity back at least for a couple of hours.

January Goal Recap

I just realized it is the end of the month.  I have also come to realize that January is not a month to do anything but survive in this house. Needless to say, I tanked my goals this month.  I am looking forward to February when the schedule doesn't strangle us.  January is BRUTAL and it is not even worth recapping the goals that weren't met. 

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