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Monday, March 7, 2016

Post Season Catchup

Hockey season has come to an end (almost).  Well, it never really ends but this is the end of WINTER hockey.   In fact, I am typing this as my son is on the ice at 7:00 am on a Monday morning (I keep convincing myself that we are crazy when we do stuff like this).  Now that the schedule is a bit less jam packed, I can take a deep breath and actually focus on what I need to get done.

Here is post season run down of what has been going on in this house.

Hockey Stuff

As I mentioned, the hockey season is almost over.  This season was pretty tough for all of the kids.  Our hockey association is in one of the country's toughest districts.   We are small and have a very small talent pool playing against very large, power house associations.  The wins were very few and far between but the kids had lots of fun and that is all that truly matters.
My oldest just finished his final PeeWee season and will be moving to Bantams next year.  My middle has one more playoff game and will be rounding out his Squirt Career.  And then there is my Hockey Diva, she finished her girls season and has three games left with her boys team (Yes, our 8 year old is on 2 teams.  It didn't sound crazy until I typed it). 
The kids don't get to have all the fun.  I have been enjoying hockey as well.  My regular season is coming to an end.  The Blue Line Bettys (our team name) are going to STATE!  A C3 women's team going to state will not make the nightly news but it is like going to the Olympics for me.  This is our first year playing and first year as a team.  This is an amazing group of ladies and I am happy to be part of the team. 
With the end of all of our seasons, I am looking forward to seeing my family and I am even more happy that people can squash those rumors of me being divorced.  True story...I got asked if I was divorced more than once this winter because my husband and I never saw each other.  I promise we are still married but it is kind of funny to watch the rumor mill go wild.

House Stuff

We bought one!  Or I should say we committed to buying one as the ink is not yet dry.  Chubby Hubby reminded me that 8 days ago we were only passively looking.  A chain of was set into motion because  I shared a news story on my Facebook timeline regarding the lowest available housing stock in 10 years.  I had a few comments from friends saying they would keep their eyes open for us.  Then I received a text message from two different friends saying that a mutual friend was selling their house soon.  The seller contacted me through Facebook, I asked to see it before they listed it, and the rest was history.  Long story short, social media is more than just funny memes and political banter.

So now that we bought a house, we need to sell a house.  I wasn't overly stressed out about it until I just found out today that I need to replace my furnace.  It had to be the most expensive thing in the house! Nothing like having a major thing die at the worst possible time.  I am praying I don't need to sell one of my children to pay for house repairs before we get out of here.

Running Stuff

The image below is my confirmation that I need to be locked away.  I should not be allowed to access a computer or credit card to sign up for things.  October 2016, I will be running Twin Cities Marathon!   It makes perfect sense to add training for an endurance event while we try to move, juggle multiple sports schedules for 3 kids, and work full time.  Well it made sense to me and several of my buddies are just as crazy as I am.  It may not be pretty but I will get it done!

Training started this past Saturday by doing the Couch to 5K Program-day 1, week 1.  I hope to be laughing soon at how hard ONE MINUTE of running is.

Book Stuff

I just received this book and really want to see if a Paleo type of lifestyle will help our house.  I haven't made it past the Introduction of the book but she claims to have reversed some of her progressive MS symptoms and is now out of a wheelchair.  Maybe it is a miracle and maybe it is complete bullshit but it is worth a shot to keep quality of life.

I personally have been wanting to adopt a clean (er) eating lifestyle but I have been very resistant to making the change for absolutely no good reason.  This change needs to happen, as I am fighting to get my health back on a positive track and it is critical as I watch my husband's mobility decline. 
We are starting small and working toward this way of living and I think if I slowly adopt it, I will be more inclined to make permanent changes.  With that said, I am on day 7 no candy, sweets, or pop.  I think I can come out of hiding now, I was crazy for the first few days with out sugar!
Stay tuned for a review of this book and updates as we try to implement the changes.

That is all I have for now!  Off to go pack boxes!!

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